Monday, 17 December 2018

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A About Us

Tyler Shortsleeves

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Tyler Shortsleeves grew up in the small town of Zephyrhills where diversity was scarce. When he went to high school, he developed a passion to help people and make sure that no one would be treated unfairly. Along that path, the Pulse Night Club tragedy happened and Tyler met some CAIR-Florida representatives - that was the first time Tyler ever heard of CAIR-FL.

Tyler is a third-year law student at WMU Cooley Law School. He made it his mission and life goal to make sure that everybody’s civil liberties are protected. Fulfilling his desire to fight for everyone’s rights, he applied for and got a job as a law clerk with CAIR-FL working on cases related to the unconstitutional #WatchList. Tyler soon discovered that Government Affairs was also an area that he is passionate about which led him to directly work on Government and voter education advocacy with CAIR-FL.