Monday, 20 August 2018

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Thania Clevenger, Esq.

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Civil Rights Director


ThaniaClevengerThania Diaz Clevenger, the daughter of Cuban immigrants, was born and raised in Key West, Florida.  Her parents are entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry and taught her the importance of hard work and education.  Her parents having been raised in a Communist country also instilled in her a deep appreciation of freedom and equality.  

Thania graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Saint Leo University with a degree in Criminal Justice. She subsequently graduated from the Stetson University College Law School and was awarded for her many hours of community service.  It was during law school that Thania’s rediscovered her passion for justice and equality and concentrated her studies on civil rights.  Among her studies was a course focusing on Constitutional Law and Civil Rights Movement, which included an experience-based travel course to historic places identified with The Civil Rights Movement and personal discussion sessions with more than 20 former Civil Rights Movement veterans, civil rights lawyers, political and media figures.
Thania was admitted to the Florida Bar in July 2012.

During her life Thania has had the opportunity to hold many different positions and is fortunate for the experience.  Most recently, Thania had the privilege of being employed by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and was in charge investigating allegations of employment discrimination.   She now looks forward to joining CAIR and protecting the civil liberties of all American’s. 

During her free time, Thania enjoys spending quality time with her husband of nine years and their young son.