Wednesday, 15 July 2020

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CAIR-Florida denounces Tom Trento’s United West shameful defamation campaign unsuccessfully trying to link CAIR-Florida to reproachable anti-Semitic comments

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(12/19/17; Orlando, Fla.) After a successful rally for Jerusalem in Orlando this past week, Tom Trento’s United West produced a video interviewing an angry individual unknown to CAIR-Florida who was making anti-Semitic statements. This individual is not associated with CAIR-Florida in any way as a staff member, intern, or volunteer. 


United West’s desperate attempt to deceptively portray the individual as part of CAIR-Florida was a deliberate attempt to show fake news of CAIR-Florida organizing some type of anti-Jewish demonstration. This individual’s hateful, inappropriate xenophobic comments do not reflect CAIR-Florida nor American Muslims values. United West is a well-known Islamophobic hate group known for spreading misleading propaganda about Islam and Muslims and the information they publish is often plagued with false news and propaganda.



CAIR-Florida is the state’s largest American Muslim civil rights organization and has a long record of standing for civil liberties and against bigotry of any kind.