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Latino vote can make difference in US key states | Rony Curvelo interviews CAIR-FL Wilfredo Amr Ruiz

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(10/11/2020, Miami Florida; Press TV) This year, Latinos are expected for the first time to be the nation's largest racial or ethnic minority in a US presidential election, with a record of 32 million eligible to vote. They will account for 13.3% of all voters. According to official data, nationally, 62% of Latino voters identify with the Democratic Party while 34% with the Republican Party.

The Hispanic population has grown rapidly in recent decades, but many are not eligible voters. Out of those 62 million Hispanics who live in the country, around 19 million are too young to vote, and about 12 million are non-citizen adults. In these key states, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden has been gaining ground and could be a surprise according to the experts.

The concern, for now, is that Latinos may not vote since they do not traditionally vote by mail and may not as well turn out to vote in person on the election day due to Covid-19 fear. Just a few weeks before the general elections, the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida become crucial states on the way to the White House and the votes of Latinos play an important role. Press TV | Rony Curvelo Link: https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/10/10/636033/Latino-vote-can-make-difference-in-US-key-states

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