Tuesday, 22 October 2019

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Muslim Group Launches "Get out the Vote” Campaign

By Staff, For WIOD iheart.com, On 04 August 2016, Read Original
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 Florida’s largest Muslim civil liberties organization, the Council on American Islamic Relations has launched a  

 statewide, “Get out the Vote Campaign.” The program seeks to promote civic engagement, voter registration  

 and voter education. CAIR spokesperson, Wilfredo Ruiz says there are nearly 800 thousand

 Muslims in Florida.


Florida has seen discriminatory “Muslim-free” businesses, armed anti-Islam rallies and multiple acts of  vandalism at Islamic centers. Most recently an Islamic Center in Palm Beach was removed as a polling location  in response to an Islamophobic campaign.  “This past election cycle has been particularly traumatic for the  Muslim American community, especially in Florida at a time when we have recorded a 500 percent increase in  hate incidents targeting our community members,” said Laila Abdelaziz, CAIR-Florida’s legislative and  government affairs director. “The #CAIR2Vote campaign seeks to offer our community and allies a proactive  and informative channel to make an informed decision at the ballot box and offer them resources they need to  make those informed decisions.”