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Is It Appropriate For Kids To Attend A Donald Trump Rally?

By News Talk Florida, For News Talk Florida, On 03 August 2018, Read Original

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Chris Ingram, host of the Chris Ingram Show, had a debate with Hassan Shibly from the Council on American-Islamic Relations about whether or not it is appropriate for kids or pre-teens to attend a Donald Trump rally. Chris took his daughters, who are both 11-years-old, to see Donald Trump.

Hassan makes the point that he is a friend of Chris, yet he’s confused because Chris and his family support Trump, who says that he supports the full shut down of Muslim immigration. Chris asserts that his attending does not mean he supports everything Trump does or says.

“I am a concerned, as your friend, that you were there. And I am concerned about Trump’s anti-Muslim comments,” Hassan says. Hassan also believes that much of Trump’s supporters “blindly support” him and don’t distinguish the fact that they support his policies but not some of his statements such as his anti-Muslim beliefs and quotes.

Listen to the full debate below.


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