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Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Rules Out Hate Crime For Attack

By Elliot Glenn, For 850 WFTL , On 01 January 2018, Read Original
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The video of a teen girl being brutally beaten by three other girls that went viral was initially ruled a racist attack by the victims father, but the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office determined that race or religion did not play a role in the attack
Investigators state the beating that Manall Munshi took by the three other girls while others stood around and filmed, was over a boy and that Munshi and another girl agreed to meet up and fight.
Though eventually, Munshi was mauled by another two girls and eventually had to be taken to the hospital.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is working closely with the family and wants to know why and how law enforcement made their final conclusion.
“The act of standing around while a girl is being beaten up without any assistance is a way of bullying by those people saying, I can see you beaten up and I am going to do nothing, but film you. Isn’t that bullying, We are content with what is happening with them being brought to justice. On the other hand, we are also worried how in depth the investigation was made” said Wilfredo Ruiz, Communications Director with CAIR.

Munshi’s Father claims his daughter often said that students make fun of her because she is a Muslim, calling her terrorist, and had talked to the school about the situation, but school officials at West Boca Raton High School student could not provide any documentation to support the claim.

Manaal Munshi is out of the hospital now, and the three girls that attacked her could face simple battery charges.

-Elliot Glenn

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