Tuesday, 04 October 2022

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Deputies: Florida man rips off stepson's religious hat, calls him a goat-abusing terrorist

By Zach Dennis, For Palm Beach Post, On 22 April 2016, Read Original
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A Central Florida man was arrested Sunday after deputies said he ripped off his stepson’s religious hat and called him a goat-abusing terrorist.

Leesburg's Rodney Petermichael, celebrating his 50th birthday, came home intoxicated Sunday night, The Daily Commercial reports. Deputies said he snatched a Muslim hat that his stepson was wearing and referred to the stepson as a terrorist who sexually abuses goats.

According to deputies, Petermichael admitted to coming home and getting into an argument with his stepson over the hat and said he intended to take the hat and burn it in the driveway. He was arrested and charged with a domestic hate crime.

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