Tuesday, 04 October 2022

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Help continue Muhammad Ali's legacy this Ramadan

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Asalam Alaikom Dear Brothers and Sisters:



There is no doubt that Muhammad Ali is the hero American Muslims need now more than ever. His death, just days before Ramadan has all of America fondly mentioning the name of our beloved Messenger and America cannot escape the conversation that Islam is integral to American history and that Muslims have contributed tremendously to this country. This comes at a time when incidents of anti-Muslim hate have gone up 500% over the last year and 64% of members of the governing Florida political party support banning Muslims. 



Our work to continue the struggle of the likes of our dear Muhammad Ali to defend civil rights and promote a better understanding of Islam has never been more important.

Thanks to your generous support in the past, CAIR-FL has grown to be the strongest civil rights organization in the region. Our staff of 19, including 6 lawyers have worked tirelessly to challenge Islamophobia and defend our faith and community during increasingly challenging times.
We have become champions of justice for all people regardless of their race or religion.
Last year CAIR-FL received over 1,050 calls for help and opened up over 400 new cases. We have had tremendous victories from the courtroom to the newsroom. While our legal team has vindicated the rights of the oppressed, our newly formed Government Affairs, Communications, and Outreach departments are promoting a better understanding of our faith in hopes of preventing the cycle of hate that leads to discrimination.
CAIR-FL has literally saved lives, freed those wrongfully imprisoned, and vindicated victims of hate crimes and discrimination. We are sending a clear message that we will not allow hate and civil rights violations to go unchallenged. We have become the first and last line of defense for our community at a time when leading politicians are not ashamed to bash the American Muslim community.
We need your help to send a strong message that the community is fully invested in defending our faith and our freedom and the civil rights of all. Ramadan is the time to build our faith and community. Your fasting and prayers will build your faith, and your generous support of CAIR-FL's efforts will help build our community.
I am counting on you to do what you can inshallah to ensure CAIR-FL can be there to meet the ever increasing challenges our community faces. If everyone who receives this letter contributes what they can, there is no challenge that we will not be able to overcome, with Allah's help.
Please review the infographic below to see a glimpse of the work you make possible, and use the donation link below to send a contribution and be written as a believer and investor in our efforts to defend our faith and community during this blessed month.


Hassan Shibly, Esq.

Chief Executive Director
CAIR Florida




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