Monday, 30 January 2023

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Minorities In Florida Reacting To Donald Trump's Victory

By Staff, For WIOD, On 10 November 2016, Read Original
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Many Muslim Americans are fearful of the Islamophobia that could come with Donald Trump's presidency.

Wilfredo Ruiz with the Council on American Relations in Florida says although they respect the results, it's a challenge for Muslim Americans. 

"The American Muslim community was a direct victim of the political rhetoric during his campaign.   We don't know if Trump will keep embracing that rhetoric against the American Muslim community." 

Ruiz is urging Muslim Americans to be on high alert and report any hate crime or human rights violation.

"So we call on the American Muslim community to stay vigilant on any potential hate incident and report any hate incidents or any civil rights violations and bring them to our attention." 

During his campaign, President-Elect Trump said he would ban all Muslims from the country.  He later called for a suspension of immigration from "terror-prone" regions. 

Some took to social media to express their concerns.  Muslim American women say they are now afraid to wear a hijab in public. 



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