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Trump to implement visa ban for citizens of seven countries

By Frenalyn Untalan, For IB Times, On 26 January 2017, Read Original
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US President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to order visa ban for citizens of seven countries. This is in line with the government’s push for national security, with Trump tweeting that they would “build the wall.” The orders on immigration are expected to include restrictions on visas from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Libya.

White House officials said that the president would take action on visas and refugees potentially on Thursday. The move will cover a radical measure of suspending the entire refugee program for four months.

As stated in the draft document, the government will require a 120-day ban on refugees. It’s expected to give officials enough time to execute a more selective refugee program in line with Trump's promise of “extreme vetting.”

Moreover, a program that aims to admit Syrian refugees fleeing civil war and a humanitarian crisis will be ended indefinitely. According to a data from State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, 136 Syrian refugees were admitted during the first three days of Trump administration.

The move directs Pentagon and US State Department to push for "safe zones" inside Syria. Hassan Shibly, executive director of CAIR-Florida, does not agree with the executive order, saying it will not make the nation safer, but will only make the US more fearful and less welcoming. “Such restrictions run contrary to very founding principles of our nation," Shibly, told CNN.

The National Iranian American Council also expressed its disapproval through a statement. The council believes that Trump is making good on the most shameful and discriminatory promises he made.

Trump has earlier called for a Muslim ban. “This will not stand. The American people are better than this," said National Iranian American Council in a statement.

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