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Syrian jets take off from air base United States missiles struck

By Max Garcia, For The Villages Suntimes, On 10 April 2017, Read Original
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"It's certainly long overdue, but it also appears to be nothing more than showmanship", Hassan Shibly, a Syrian-American lawyer and the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)'s Florida chapter, said of the USA military action in Syria.

He tweeted out a picture of the sit-down concerning Trump's decision to launch a series of Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airfield, believed to be the source of a deadly chemical attack that left dozens of civilians in the rebel-held province of Idlib dead.


A total break with Assad also entrenches one of the main impediments to success against IS in Syria: The coalition lacks a government-level ally on the ground.

Some called Thursday night's military action overdue, voicing disappointment with then-President Barack Obama's refusal to attack the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad following a 2013 chemical weapons attack. "Do we think he's a hindrance? Yes". Should we go to Beirut until things settle down?

Assad's office said Syria would strike its enemies harder. Now, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has suggested, regime change in Syria is back on the agenda. I think there are four key points to bear in mind, at home and overseas.

The timing of the strike, during a meeting with President Xi, will give weight to Trump's threats to deal with North Korea's nuclear and missile programs unilaterally if necessary. "It is concerning that Trump's approach to Syria and maybe to foreign policy writ large is completely incoherent".

Hamid said it's odd that Trump would meet with Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi earlier in the week, given his disastrous human rights record, and then make the decision to launch cruise missiles in Syria. They questioned Trump's motives and said they are unsure whether he acted out of genuine interest in saving Syrian lives.

"We took precautions in more than one military point, including in the Shayrat airbase".

If Putin is looking for a way to even the score, it might not be in Syria, said Julianne Smith, a former National Security Council and Defense Department official now at the Center for a New American Security.

Britain and the United Kingdom came out in the strong support of the USA strikes, saying that such a response was "appropriate" after Tuesday's possible chemical attack.

"We were fully justified in doing so", she said.

U.S. President Donald Trump, concerned about infighting among his team, is considering a major shake-up of senior officials on his staff in an effort to eliminate some of the White House drama, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. Joyner said he is anxious the presence of foreign fighters, Al Qaeda, and ISIL would make it challenging to replace Assad. "He is very slowly putting together a credible national security team", Joyner said.

However, the Fox News report also quotes USA officials who said "between 12 and 100 Russian military personnel" were present at the base, complete with their own barracks, which the U.S. We didn't hit Russians. By midday Friday, the US insisted that Russian Federation would keep the "deconfliction" channel open. "So "Yay" on all those fronts, but to what end?"

"The Russians and the Iranians must now understand that they can not prop up Bashar al-Assad's can not go on, it makes no sense", Ayrault told France Info radio. That diplomatic solution seemed to offer a way to solve the problem without resorting to military force. That provides a justification for the action taken by the Trump administration, which, like the Obama administration before it, has been careful not to portray its military action as an attempt at regime change. The Obama administration has launched strikes against ISIS in Syria, but never the Syrian government.

In the past, Trump has made various statements on what USA foreign policy towards Syria should look like.

"The United States attacked the territory of sovereign Syria", Safronkov said during an emergency UN Security Council meeting in NY. He has also floated the idea of establishing "safe zones" in Syria.

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