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Man placed on no fly list is back in Florida after ordeal

By Niala Charles, For CBS12, On 27 February 2018, Read Original
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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS 12) — Placed on the no-fly list and stuck abroad for months!


A West Palm Beach man is finally back in Florida after what he calls an ordeal.


He has no criminal record and is not under investigation for anything.

His lawyer says it’s because he is Muslim.

“It was a horrible experience,” says Hashem Nader Sehwail.

Hashem Nader Sehwail arrived home after being stuck in Jordan for the last 2 months.

He has been trying to get back to his family in west palm beach, but when he tried to get on the flight home, he was told he couldn’t get on the plane.

“There was no reason given. I asked them and there was no reason given for that,” says Sehwail.

Sewail was born in Texas, but grew up in Palestine before moving back to the US 10 years ago.

So last summer he went to Jordan to visit his family.

“Who doesn’t want to see his family? .... I haven’t seen them in 6-7 years,” says Sehwail.

Today he was finally allowed to get on a flight to Florida after the Council on American Islamic Relations filed a lawsuit on his behalf.

They’re suing the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and other Government Agencies.

Sehwail’s lawyers believe he was put on the “no fly list” because he’s Muslim.

They said cases like this are on the rise…. And that this is the second one involving a Florida resident in just 6 months.

“They’re not being afforded a fair and effective mechanism to challenge the placement on this list,” says Sehwail’s lawyer Omar Saleh.

They say no u-s citizen should have to go through this.

As of now Sehwail still isn’t allowed to fly. While he flew from Jordan to Jacksonville, he wasn’t able to take a connecting flight to Fort Lauderdale.

We have reached out to the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, but they said they cannot comment at this time.

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