Friday, 30 September 2022

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Tampa Bay Area Muslim community on guard during Ramadan

By Jeff Patterson, For NBC News Channel 8, On 06 May 2019, Read Original
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It's a time of fasting and religious reflection.

"It's a very beautiful month. Every single dinner, many Mosques will have free dinners for the whole community, everybody is welcome, rich or poor, Muslim or not Muslim, everybody is welcome to come and break fast with us," said Hassan Shibly with CAIR-Florida.

This year, it's also a time of concern. "There has been a dramatic increase in hate crimes and threats against the community. We saw the horrific shooting in New Zealand and we've seen now multiple Jewish Synagogues being targeted, we've seen even some churches targeted. It's a really scary time for people of faith unfortunately," said Shibly.

In Christchurch, New Zealand 51 people were killed in a hate attack.

In February of 2017 in Tampa, a Mosque was attacked by an arsonist who attempted to set the building on fire.

Shibly says all places of worship in the Muslim community will be taking extra security precautions.

"That includes talking to local law enforcement to make sure they are aware of where there's congregations and having extra patrols, hiring off duty sheriff's deputies and having undercover, armed individuals that are professionally trained at those houses of worship," said Shibly.


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