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It’s a Ramadan like no other for Tampa Bay Muslims [Tampa Bay Times interviews CAIR-Fl's Hassan Shibly]

By Waveney Ann Moore, For Tampa Bay Times, On 26 April 2020, Read Original
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The coronavirus has led to sanitized prayer areas, temperature checks for worshipers and cancelled gatherings.

ST. PETERSBURG — The Muslim holy month of Ramadan, marked by daytime fasts culminating with communal evening prayers and meals, is being observed this year with unique adjustments for the social distancing mandated by the coronavirus pandemic. ...

Friday, the first day of Ramadan, Hassan Shibly had planned to host a handful of Muslim neighbors in his backyard for Jumah prayers, but the gathering was called off because of rain. Shibly, CEO of the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Florida, said he travels regularly throughout Florida and to other parts of the country to lead the Friday prayers. Current pandemic restrictions give him a chance to renew friendships by hosting the weekly prayers on his property, he said.

Shibly noted that the Prophet Mohammed received his revelation while in isolation.

“This is just a great opportunity to use our isolation to connect with the revelation and to strengthen our family bonds,” he said. “It’s definitely going to be a different Ramadan than we have ever seen in our lifetime.

"Instead of focusing on what we lost or what we will miss, we should focus on the opportunities that we have to gain. I believe that it is positioned to make this the best Ramadan we have ever had.”

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