Friday, 24 March 2023

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C Civil Rights

Stopped by CBP at the Airport? Call CAIR-Florida!

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A well respected Imam was stoped by CBP while returning from hajj. They asked him about his sermons, his social media, for his cell phone and his cell phone password.

He thought to himself, as many of us do, that he had nothing to hide. And that if he answers all their questions he can clear his name, as they promised him.

So he answered all their questions, and provided them with his cell phone and password.

He told me he never received worst treatment while traveling by TSA and CBP on subsequent flights than he did after that incident.

Cooperating and answering questions he did not have to answer did not lead to his name being cleared. It only lead to increased harassment.

Because it showed that he did not know or was unwilling to exercise his rights and therefore was an easy target.

Humble reminder to all US citizens that you are under no obligation to answer CBP questions regarding your political or religious beliefs or provide your social media information or cell phone passwords.

All you are required to do is present ID and make any required declarations (such as if you are bringing in more than $10,000 in currency or have fruits and vegetables).

Trying to prove you are a “good Muslim” and answer invasive questions does nothing but subject you to further harassment and targeting.

Contact CAIR Florida if you have had issues traveling.

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