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Auntie Najwa's Unsolicited Advice: Auntie's Cats & Dogs

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Hello Dearies ...
I hope everyone has had a great Eid al-Fitr! This past month has been the weirdest but in many ways also the most blessed Ramadan ever ... I actually think that I may be a different more enlightened person. I attribute much of this to my lovely family whom I have been able to observe closely - like a researcher observing wild animals in their natural habitat. As the days wore on, I started feeling like a scientist observing a pride of lions. Or a pack of wolves. And sometimes a group of chimpanzees; depending on the day.
My research has resulted in the conclusion that people basically share characteristics of two groups of animals: cats and dogs. Before you all write to me and tell me that this is too broad, let me acknowledge that there are also people who act like weasels, pigs, snakes, sloths and rats ... and not to forget chickens, geese, and cows.  Alhamdulillah, none of these are represented in my immediate family, so I had no chance to observe those species ... well, there were certain moments ... but I digress. 
Let’s get back to the dogs and cats. When the lockdown started, certain members of my family seemed rather disturbed by my being at home all the time. They looked at me in suspicion ... accused me of invading their territory and even occasionally showed me their claws when I tried to shower them with my abundant love. (I forgot hens ... mother hens.) These people - let’s call them the cats - can be super nice when they’re putting in their requests for dinner ... but other than that? Ramadan Meowbarak - but leave me alone, I’m busy grooming. And why are you scrolling through my messages? (I can‘t help it if my research subjects leave their phones lying around ...)
The other relatives, let’s call them the dogs, on the other hand, were all over me. They asked me to go for walks, helped plan the iftar meals and happily accepted my attention without any claws whatsoever. Sometimes it was even hard to get away from them when I needed a little space. I‘m quite capable of taking a bath by myself, thank you very much! So how could this be? How can such drastically different animal personalities exist within the same family? But what is the point in asking how we all came to be such individuals? God is Great ... and without the diversity of personalities, life would be boring. I for one am much more interested in how the human cats and dogs in my household manage to get along in close quarters without any casualties. So far at least. What do they do when crisis strikes? Like when a giant St. Bernard puppy accidentally steps on his sister’s carefully manicured paws?
My observations are ongoing. Will they show love and respect for each other? Will she display a superior sense of humor or count to ten? Or will she hiss at him and assert that "cats rule and dogs drool?“ We‘ll see...
In the meantime, dearies, be kind to the dogs and cats in your lives!!
Until next time,
Auntie Najwa