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Court Dismisses Laura Loomer's Complaints Against Florida Muslim Advocacy Group CAIR-Florida

By Jess Nelson, For Miami New Times, On 23 October 2019, Read Original
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A federal judge has dismissed complaints against a Florida Muslim advocacy group filed by Laura Loomer, the conservative conspiracy theorist with a history of Islamophobic comments who's now running for Congress.


In his decision, U.S. District Judge Rodolfo Ruiz cited the fact that Loomer offered no proof of any wrongdoing by CAIR.

"With no evidence that CAIR Florida acted in concert with CAIR Foundation or had anything to do with the decision to ban Loomer from Twitter, there is no dispute of fact for the Court to resolve," Ruiz wrote in a decision yesterday. "Quite simply, there is no reasonable basis to predict that a Florida court would find CAIR Florida liable for any of the wrongful acts alleged. As such, [Loomer's] allegations are insufficient to state any colorable claim against CAIR Florida."

CAIR Florida praised the decision. "If one reads the complaint filed by Ms. Loomer, it can't be mistaken for anything other than rantings of an individual's irrational hatred of CAIR and Muslims," Omar Saleh, CAIR Florida's civil rights attorney, said in a statement.


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