Sunday, 04 December 2022

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Islamophobia in Higher Education

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With the rise of Islamophobia in the media, CAIR-FL pays particular attention to the ways in which institutes of higher learning can contribute to anti-Muslim sentiment through evaluation and monitoring of Islamophobes who use public funds to promote anti-Muslim extremism. Institutions recently addressed by CAIR-FL include Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and the University of Central Florida (UCF), both of whom have been found to have associations with known bigots such as Roxanne Trinket (former board member at FAU) and Jonathon Matusitz, associate professor in the Nicholson School of Communication, the self-declared Membership Director for the known hate group 'ACT! for America'.



Professor Matusitz recently gave a speech at the Brevard County Commission building, where "one audience member stood up and incited violence against Muslims." Any formal review of Professor Matusitz speech will show that this is the intended result of his calls to 'resistance the Muslim takeover of America, as they have in Europe.' 

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