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I Islamophobia

The Crusade to Rewrite Textbooks to Ban Islam

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Student Government leader, Brian Vaughn, holds a petition packet signed by 500+ Volusia High Schools who want to keep their textbook the way it is, who reject intolerance and censorship. He and his fellow students have made Florida very proud! Hats off to the students of Volusia County!


Islamophobia in form of anti-Muslim protesters are showing up at school boards across Florida, demanding textbooks be re-written to remove any mention of Islam.

The protestors are reflecting a national trend of hate groups promoting fear of their Muslim neighbors and opposing any neutral representation of Islam in the public schools. 

In order for our youth to have a wholesome and complete education, we believe that it is essential for them to learn about the many diverse faiths, cultures, and civilizations that have contributed to the fabric of our global society.

CAIR-FL stood with the high school students who wanted to defend their textbook as a vital resource which they appreciate.


Additionally, CAIR-FL extends a warm thank you to the Volusia County Democratic Party for mobilizing their members in an effort to "Stand Up to the Book Burners" on a FB event group. 

We agree that all faiths should be taught about equally, however the concerns of the protestors are unfounded. Much of the high school history curriculum covers Christian and European history and only a very small portion covers the rich history and contributions of Islamic civilizations. 

Unfortunately many of the protestors have used this issue to galvanize anti-Muslim rhetoric and have used these protests to target a religious minority exclusively. We stand with the many students that attended yesterday’s protest to oppose intolerance and censorship and call on the school board to reject the demands of the protestors to “rip pages out of the textbook.”

Update (11/19/2013): After a coalition in favor of tolerance and against censorship including CAIR-FL, Volusia County Democratic Party, and students from Volusia High Schools, the School Board stood by the textbook.

“I'm still confident with this book and its presentation to our students,” School Board Chairwoman Diane Smith said after hearing from nearly 80 speakers with widely differing opinions.

The board didn't take a formal vote, but only member Linda Costello pushed for a more thorough review. Candace Lankford, Stan Schmidt and Ida Wright sided with Smith to keep the textbook in Volusia classrooms.

Listen to the meeting recording here!



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