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Muslim group outraged over Islamophobic meme posted to Allen West's Facebook page

By Pablo Novarro, For Equilibrio Informativo, On 13 December 2016, Read Original
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And his choice for secretary of defense-retired Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis-has inadvertently pulled back the curtain on what can only be called an instance of genocidal bigotry.

Michele Hickford, the editor-in-chief of West's website, posted an apology on Facebook for the meme by Saturday and had taken down the post.

Former Florida Tea Party congressman turned right-wing pundit Allen West returned to Trump Tower for his second visit with the president-elect and his transition team in one week, even as he failed to publicly apologize for sharing a meme with his 2.5 million Facebook followers that praised Donald Trump's pick to run the Pentagon for his plan to "exterminate" Muslims. "Its message was despicable, offensive to many, and a awful error in judgement by the person who posted it", the apology continued.

However, West's site regularly traffics in theories linking President Barack Obama's administration to the Muslim Brotherhood, and West once wrote the prophet Mohammed was a He has a long history of bigoted or offensive remarks, including once suggesting religious coexistence in the impossible and threatens democratic values, and views Islam as an existential threat to the continued existence of the country. "I neither condone nor support the message included in the meme". It does not reflect Col. "I am deeply sorry for the distress this has caused so many people", Hickford wrote.

A representative from the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said that an apology should be issued by the former Florida congressman who lost his re-election bid in 2012. "Hmmm", Wilfredo Ruiz, spokesman for CAIR-Florida, said via text message.

Allen West is a well-known Islamophobe and integral part of the multimillionaire and dangerously active Islamophobia industry in America. "The former congressman's irresponsible and openly xenophobic Facebook's posting insinuating that Trump nominated Gen. Mattis to exterminate Muslims should be taken serious by President-elect Trump".

Hickford did not explain why she shared the meme to West's Facebook page. This public statement clearly disqualifies Allen West from any future public appointments of nominations.

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