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Lawsuit filed on behalf of terminated restaurant employee

By Staff writer, For, On 22 December 2016, Read Original
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The Council on American-Islamic Relations - Florida has announced a filing in federal court against Denny's and their Ocala franchise, alleging religious discrimination against a black Muslim employee who was advised his "religious head coverings" were against the uniform dress code policy. Morgan & Morgan, P.A., is representing Guy.

According to a news release from the council, Marlondejuan Guy, a former server at the eatery in Ocala, was prohibited from working the day shift because he wore a religious head covering (kufi) and managers repeatedly advised him he would be able to work more lucrative day shifts if he removed the covering. According to the lawsuit, he was the only Muslim employee at the location and the only server prohibited from working the day shift. When he refused to remove the kufi, a manager gave him a letter threatening termination. Guy filed a discrimination charge with the EEOC and, shortly thereafter, Denny's terminated his employment.

The release states that The Florida Commission on Human Relations found reasonable cause of discrimination against Denny's stating, "Complainant demonstrated through witness statements that he was not allowed to work additional night shifts or any day shifts because of his religious hat. The respondent also suspended him because he would not shave his beard for religious reasons."

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