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Launching New Podcast Series: What's New? CAIR-Florida

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Assalam Alaikum Friends, Family, and Supporters,

We are introducing our new CAIR-Florida podcast series called "What's New? CAIR-Florida." This will be a regularly-scheduled program  that members of our staff will will present for our listeners statewide. We have recorded and published our first three podcasts:

  1.  What To Do When Approached by Law Enforcement (FBI)
  2.  Know Your Rights When Traveling
  3.  A Message From Our Operations Director 
Our goal is to build a interesting, informative, and consistent program that you will want to tune in to and also find out what CAIR-Fl is up to in the upcoming months. You are encouraged to give us suggestions on any topics you would like to have us address. 
Make sure to join our upcoming podcasts!
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