Tuesday, 11 December 2018

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A About Us

Aida Mackic

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Aida Mackic has always had a passion for focusing her creativity and experience to improve her local community. She is an American-Muslim who prides herself in being an efficient community organizer and an activist in the Tampa Bay area. Her passion lies in building bridges between diverse groups through respectful dialogue and collaboration between different groups, faiths, and organizations to promote community empowerment.

She was born in Kljuc, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Due to the civil unrest in Bosnia, her family immigrated to Des Moines, Iowa and claimed the United States as their new home. Before joining CAIR-Florida, Aida helped organize several community projects including helping to open an Iowa Food pantry branch and organizing peaceful demonstrations in an effort to raise awareness against wars in Syria and Gaza.

Additionally, Aida has presented dozens of lectures on Islam and politics throughout the United States. She is committed to providing resources to underrepresented minorities and to seeking equality for all.