Zakat policy – CAIR Florida
Saturday, 22 June 2024

Zakat policy

As an American Muslim, you understand the importance of giving Zakat in accordance with Islamic teachings. At CAIR-Florida, we believe that your Zakat can make a powerful impact in protecting the vulnerable and upholding the rights of more than 500,000 Muslim Floridians. 

We assure you that your Zakat will be used exclusively for direct services such as civil rights legal services, immigration legal services, and Policy and Advocacy work.  

Numerous Muslim scholars have confirmed that Zakat is payable to organizations that exist to serve the Muslim community by defending and protecting their rights. CAIR-Florida’s work can be classified as fi-sabilillah, which is one of the eight categories of Zakat recipients detailed in the Quran (Chapter 9, Verse 60). 

To accommodate the range of religious opinions on this matter, we adhere to specific guidelines to ensure the strictest allocation of Zakat funds. Donors may designate their zakat funds for a particular work area (e.g., Legal Services, Policy, Advocacy, or Youth Empowerment). If a donor does not restrict their zakat donation, CAIR-FL will allocate those funds to programs and services which directly help protect the rights of Muslims. 
Zakat funds will be allocated to the Legal Department (Civil Rights & Immigration) and Policy and Advocacy work.  

  • Legal work provides direct services and programs to the community, especially for those with no financial means to receive them otherwise. 
  • Policy and Advocacy work leads to the creation of laws protecting Muslims’ rights to freely practice their religion in America.

Zakat funds will not be allocated toward: 

  • Fundraising expenses (i.e., banquets, direct mail, etc.) 
  • Administrative expenses (i.e., office rent, utilities, etc.) 

We promise that funds received between January 1 to December 31 will be allocated in the same year. By donating your Zakat to CAIR-Florida, you can contribute significantly to protecting and promoting civil rights for the most vulnerable in our community. We invite you to join us in upholding our faith values of Ihsaan (excellence) and Amana (custodianship) while making a meaningful impact on the lives of Muslim Floridians.