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Thursday, 25 July 2024

Op-Ed: Celebrating Ramadan is a Community Affair

(Palm Beach Post, 3/25/2023)


After realizing I was there because I was fasting, a lot of teachers started to ask questions to learn more and I was able to share with them what Ramadan really was for me and other Muslims.

I taught them that the month was called Ramadan and it consists of 30 days of fasting, from sunrise to sunset. Fasting means you can’t eat, drink, do bad things, and more. You want to focus on becoming a better person and a better Muslim, for example by doing charity, helping others and reading the Quran. It is joyous, spending time with family and friends over big meals. You get to see people, care more and give more.

During this time, though, it is important to keep some things in mind about Muslim students. The main thing is to communicate with both the student and their family about their needs. For example, where would the student feel the most comfortable during lunchtime. Being mindful of long tests later in the day, when their energy is low, or of outdoor activities. The list can continue and is different for every person. It can also be applied to anybody, not just students.

Read the full article written by CAIR-FL Marketing & Communications Manager, Sabha Ali Hammad at: Celebrating Ramadan is a Community Affair

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