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Locals react to Donald Trump's presidential victory

By Staff, For, On 10 November 2016, Read Original
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The majority of Bay County voters joined the rest of the nation in electing Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.
It was a surprising outcome to the most contentious presidential campaign in U.S. history.
The race was close. In fact, Hillary Clinton had about 200,000 more votes than Trump, but Trump had more electoral votes, which gives him the White House.
"Winning last night secures the future is bright for my children and potentially my grandchildren with Trump leading the way," Bay County Trump Chairman Veronica Kemeny said after the election.
Local Republicans said Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" slogan resonated with voters and in a way redefined the party. About 71% of Bay County voters cast a ballot for the reality star and businessman.
"He's quite capable of delivering when he sets his mind to it. I would just trust that he would surround himself with great people, good advisors," Jerry Jimmerson of Panama City said.
Local democrats said the results are as shocking as the campaign rhetoric was at times.
"We had a campaign focused on name calling and personalities and what lost in that campaign was any focus on any of the two main issues that I think face this country and this world, which are climate change and wealth and income inequality," Alvin Peters, a Panama City attorney, said.
The shock and disappointment quickly turned into concern for some women and minorities.
"The American Muslim community as a whole was a direct victim of Trump's Islamophobia rhetoric throughout his whole campaign, and that has left us very uneasy and unsure what to expect," Hiba Rahim, a local American Muslim activist, said.
Both sides are hoping as president, Trump will live up to the promise he delivered during his victory speech, saying he wants to be the president for all Americans.
"I certainly haven't lost faith. This is the American democratic process. We hope to see people come together now and move forward as one nation," Rahim said.
President Barack Obama ensured a smooth transition of power, and many world leaders officially sent congratulations to Trump.
The inauguration is scheduled for January 20th at the U.S. Capitol.

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