Friday, 30 September 2022

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CAIR-FL Learning Institute Presents ''Developing Cultural Competency : Caring for Muslim Patients"

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Developing Cultural Competency: Caring for Muslim Patients

The Council on American Islamic Relations Florida introduces CAIR Florida Learning Institute: a new
series of professional development education and workshops for organizations committed to diversity.
The CAIR-Florida Learning Institute offers cultural competency education and training for healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations, including hospitals, healthcare executives, medical directors, physicians, nurses, home healthcare, hospice, and counselors involved in meeting the health care and counseling needs of Muslim patients.

The seminar addresses implications of Muslim demographics, practices and traditions on healthcare delivery. The goal is to provide a cultural knowledge base and tools that can help healthcare professionals understand and facilitate care that is attuned to Muslim beliefs. Topics include; Understanding Islam, Islamic perspec-tives effecting healthcare, Islamic views on illness, death and dying, and palliative care.

Provide more culturally appropriate responses to the needs of Muslim patients based on sensitivity to and respect for their cultural and ethnic backgrounds
Develop cultural awareness and competency skills as it relates to working with American Muslim patients.
Increased understanding of Muslim practices and traditions that effect healthcare delivery
Improve healthcare provider capacity for addressing growing diversity, persistent disparities and the promotion of health equity.

Seminar Length: 2 hours
Available: On-site
Fee: $

Presentation Slide handouts
Guide to Developing Cultural Competency: Muslim Patient Care
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