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Group Puts Up Trump-esque Campaign Sign To Educate People About Islam

By , For CBS4, On 13 June 2017, Read Original
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TAMPA (CBSMiami/Newspath) — At a quick glance, you might mistake it for an old Donald Trump campaign billboard left behind after he won the presidency.

“When you drive by really quick it looks like Making America Great… a Donald Trump sign,” said local business owner Paul Asimiadis.

But the billboard located along the east side of the interstate at the Sligh Avenue exit wasn’t purchased by the Trump campaign or the Republican Party, but instead The Islamic Community of Tampa.

“Making America great doesn’t mean we all have to be the same. No, it’s the diversity that makes us so great,” said Aida Mackic of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

CAIR is one of the organizations helping sponsor the sign locally.

Mackic said the billboard, which includes a toll-free number and the website, is not an attempt to convert people to Islam, but rather a source of information for people who may have questions or concerns.

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