Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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Auntie Najwa's Unsolicited Advice: Census

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Current Musings from Auntie Najwa!
Salaam Aleikum, Dearies - I've been socially distancing like everyone else - but through the magic of the media, Alhamdulillah, I can come to you to give you some of my cherished advice ... and boy do I have some advice today!! And it‘s about money and power!! Did I get your attention?
I’m talking about the U.S. Census - you should have received one or even two invitations in the mail. If you hate junk mail like I do, let me assure you ... this is NOT junk mail. This is how you and your family get counted, how your hometown gets Federal money for roads and schools - and how the government decides how many House Representatives - how much power - we get in Washington to represent our interests. This count only happens every ten years - and Florida’s population has grown by about three million residents since the last census. This means we should get a larger piece of the pie than we are getting now ... and more representation, too.
So if you haven't answered the U.S. Census yet, please do. The questions are simple and - despite what people may say - will not be used against you or any of your relatives that may or may not be lawfully in the United States. Those rumors are intended to under-count areas, which in my humble opinion is terribly un-American.
So click on the link www.2020census.gov and once you're done, eat something dearie ... you look thin!

Until next time,

Auntie Najwa
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