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U Understanding Islam

Hassan Shibly's Free Online Course on Islam

By Trevor Durham, For FSU Political News, On 15 July 2016, Read Original
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Shibly concluded his first lesson with a touching message: “By having greater understanding of the life of the prophet Muhammad, not only can we dispel the misinformation, the stereotypes, and dispel the fear and ignorance that divides us and build more love, compassion, and unity- but we can see why he was the most influential man in history, how he solved the race problem in his society, how he helped the weak and disenfranchised, and how we can follow his footsteps to get more peace, love, and unity to God’s creation today.”

Hassan Shibly, chief executive director of Florida’s branch of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), has begun his series of weekly courses on the life of the prophet Muhammad. Offered freely on Facebook, he hopes his series will inform people of Islam’s history- “what Islam is about, as opposed to what is not.”

Shibly has been across the news lately, helping to mourn after the Orlando massacre, and to provide support to various Muslims in Florida, and nationally, who have been targeted in hate attacks. Just this week, Shibly and CAIR have been working with the Boca Raton mosque removed as a voting location.

A licensed lawyer, Shibly spends a majority of his time giving lecture series on issues relating to Islam, American Muslims, and civil rights. In order to help an increase in interest Islam has received within the last few years (this last month especially, he says), Shibly has decided to give a free online series about Islam’s most crucial history.

The series, a seerah (or knowledge of the prophet Muhammad’s biography), will focus on relating the prophet Muhammad’s teachings to today’s problems. The first lecture, viewed by thousands and shared over a hundred times, discussed racial acceptance and touched on police brutality. Shibly, a constant target of Islamophobic hate, talked exclusively of love, community, and the acceptance the prophet Muhammad taught.

What sets Shibly’s online series apart, not just for its free use, is his gracious donations to students. His lectures are based upon various texts and essays, which he offers back to watchers at the end of a video should they message him. He opens his heart, shares his knowledge, and offers to give the rest as well.

The lectures will be hosted live every Monday at 6:00pm EST, on Hassan Shibly’s Facebook page.


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